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About National Affordable Housing

National Affordable Housing is a not-for-profit social value enterprise established in 2008 through the increasing need for more affordable housing options in Australia.

Our goal is to increase affordable housing supply to meet community needs. We act as a catalyst for innovation in the provision of affordable housing and integrated communities while achieving a balance in commercial, social and environmental outcomes.


Our Mission is to help to create Better Lives.

Our contribution to this broad societal goal, comes in the form of housing which is affordable and secure – across several sub sectors of the housing continuum. We do this by creating Customer Centered Pathways – giving our customers agency to move along that continuum as their circumstances change. Underpinning this, we bring 3 key capabilities to the table - Innovation, Partnerships and Voice.

Driven by our mission, we work continuously to make a difference.

Each time we place new tenants into an affordable rental property, or help our customers achieve their dream of affordable home ownership, we know that we have made a difference.


National Affordable Housing Annual Report 2022 – 2023

National Affordable Housing Year in Review 2021 – 2022

Social Impact

Influencing Housing Strategy

National Affordable Housing is committed to improving social and affordable housing outcomes, and has conducted research supporting these outcomes via its many Australian and international partners.


Included in the National Affordable Housing group of companies: