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Homes and Pathways

There has been transformative thinking in management, technology, innovation and incentivisation in health, banking, manufacturing, construction and logistics to name a few sectors of the economy. Social housing is positioned for a similar step-change. Homes&Pathways is the culmination of several years of research and development, applying fresh thinking to property and asset management, technology, welfare economics and actuarial investment, as well as unlocking long term investment from institutions and super funds.

The Program is aimed at modernising and transforming social and affordable housing, implementing a person centric human services model, improving pathways between the social and market system and providing a modern, well-matched and sustainable housing portfolio. Importantly, the program attracts institutional capital investment in social and affordable housing.

Today the most efficient human services are delivered through win-win collaborations with private providers that have capacity to operate at scale, while delivering genuine quality outcomes at the coal face and meeting the needs of vulnerable people.
Homes&Pathways seeks to bring this thinking to social housing.

Our proposal targets the following 5 economic and social policy issues:
• Improved Investment in social infrastructure
• Greater social and economic participation
• Improved Government Services- resolving rather than ‘managing’ disadvantage
• More cost effective, flexible and person centric services [ A ‘hand up’ system that improves self-reliance]
• Greater public accountability through measurable outcomes

Home&Pathways will transform the system by:
• Developing a flexible and contestable contracting framework
• Underwriting key risks
• Reducing operating costs through management systems improvements, procurement and technology
• Restructuring the housing portfolio through targeted renewal, replacing uneconomic and poorly matched dwellings with new fit-for-purpose dwellings
• Leveraging capital funding by securitising improved cashflow
• Influencing demand-side management and migration of clients along pathways between social, affordable, private housing market
• Measuring and reporting on housing and non-housing outcomes utilising social value methodology