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Our Achievements

Our Performance and Achievements:

The past ten years, 2009-2019

National Rental Affordability Scheme (NRAS)

Since its incorporation in 2008, National Affordable Housing and its development partners have facilitated the provision of over 3,520 new affordable rental homes through the National Rental Affordability Scheme in QLD, NSW and Victoria. Our portfolio includes well located house and land packages, town house complexes and high rise buildings.

We provide a full suite of real estate services from our 4 offices and manage over 2,300 affordable rental homes. Our excellent performance statistics makes our services attractive to development and investment partners

We have attracted over $1.4 Billion in private investment into affordable housing since 2009

In 2019 we distributed over $36m in Commonwealth and State Tax Incentives to our investors

Our tenants save over $18m in rents each year

In addition, National Affordable Housing manages outsourced property performance contracts with over 35 external partners, adding to our capacity and acknowledging our expertise in contract and performance management

Knowledge Partnerships

National Affordable Housing invests significantly in research and development. The Sustainable Living Infrastructure Consortium is our R&D company, based at Griffith University, which develops and shares knowledge to improve housing outcomes, including through our co-sponsorship of six PhD students.

The year ahead in 2020

We are partnering on two institutional investment arrangements to bring overseas and domestic ‘infrastructure’ funds into affordable housing in Australia.

We are focussed on securing a large scale Build to Rent project / portfolio in Queensland and Victoria.

BuyAssist is engaged in work to bring wholesale mortgage funding into its platform.

We strongly support the role of the National Housing Finance & Investment Corporation and the Commonwealth Bond Aggregator and we will be looking to partner with them on some upcoming projects.

If you are interested in partnering with the National Affordable Housing group, please contact us on 07 3169 2500 or email Thank you