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NAHC holds some of the final, limited NRAS allocations that are available to be used on newly built properties in NSW and QLD. These NRAS allocations have 3 to 5 years to run.

NAHC is currently seeking partnership opportunities with developers to apply these allocations to new properties. Please register your interest and once the properties have been identified, we will contact you.

Please register your interest with Anita Peres, NAHC Project Manager. Anita can be contacted at [email protected] or on 07 3169 2500.

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Personal Housing Plans

Personal Housing Plans are a new approach to Human Services in social housing that are person-centric, facilitate customer control and adopt an actuarial approach to investment that addresses barriers to social and economic participation

A significant critique of current programs is that they ‘manage’ or ‘refer’ problems rather than address them. In many cases people become more dependent on Government welfare assistance over time, resulting in the well-recognised ‘welfare trap’. Personal Housing Plans is a proactive approach that tackles this significant issue.

Personal Housing Plans engage tenants in an assessment of strengths, barriers and opportunities. Agencies coordinate to provide focussed interventions that reduce or remove the barriers to well-being and participation.
The program involves:

• Real time, active, co-management of the Personal Housing Plan by the tenant and coordinating agencies.
• New methodology for interventions and measuring the flow of benefits (Tenant Household/Community/State/Commonwealth).
• New Technology applied for real time monitoring and performance data.
• Incentivising positive action and underwriting transitional risk.