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Working with National Affordable Housing:

When creating opportunities to improve housing outcomes for the Australian community, our business development team works to align with the right industry, financiers and government departments in partnerships that deliver on our vision and mission.

We have an intimate understanding of the housing market, community needs and government policy, further strengthened through our knowledge partnerships to drive research and development, and contribute to evidence-based policy and innovation in delivery.

The National Affordable Housing group of companies is viable, robust and dependable with capabilities and resources to deliver on our commitments, as well as those of our partners.

We highly value our partnerships and collaborations in all areas of housing, with particular focus on affordable rental housing and affordable home ownership, as we are driven by our vision and mission with the customer needs in mind.

Work With Us:

If you would like to discuss potential opportunities to partner with National Affordable Housing, call the Business Development Team on 07 3169 2500 or email Thank you