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National Rental Affordability Scheme (NRAS)

National Affordable Housing is one of Australia’s most successful providers of affordable rental homes under the Commonwealth Government National Rental Affordability Scheme [NRAS].

Working with some of Australia’s leading development companies, National Affordable Housing has delivered over 3,500 NRAS allocations to houses and units across three states since the scheme began. This represents 10% of the national NRAS program. This provided thousands of Australians with an affordable rental to call home for a period of time.

The first of the 10-year NRAS allocations have already come to an end and the remainder will expire within the next two years.

NAH has been working proactively with NRAS investors to assist investors to exit the NRAS scheme, as the 10-year allocation on their investment property comes to an end, in the most beneficial way for them.

At the same we are working very proactively with the renters of these NRAS properties to try to help as many renters as possible secure further affordable rental accommodation.

If you are an NRAS investor, you’ll find information to assist you with your questions about your NRAS allocation which is expiring in the sections accessible through the left hand menu.

If you are an NRAS investor and you have any questions, please email us at: