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NRAS Incentive Claims 2023-24 NRAS Year

NRAS Incentive Claims 2023-24 NRAS Year

Incentive Claims processing for the 2023-24 NRAS Year has commenced.

Once your claim is lodged you will receive an email advising you of the batch number of your claim.

The table below shows where each batch is at in the approval process. The timeframe for processing claims is entirely dependent on the State and Federal Governments and their internal processes. National Affordable Housing is unable to advise when your claim may be finalised but will update the table below as your claim passes through the process. You may check back regularly to track the progress of your claim.

We hope to have the first batch approved by the end of July. Please don’t call or email the office regarding your RTO Certificate. We will forward to you as soon as we receive it from the Department and complete our assurance processes.

Incentives Tracker January 2024
Incentives Tracker 15 July 2024