NRAS Compliance 2017-2018 NRAS Year

Buying and Selling NRAS Dwellings

NRAS Compliance 2018-2019 NRAS Year

Buying and Selling NRAS Dwellings

As an NAHC-NRAS investor, you may choose to sell your NRAS property and pass the incentives on to the new buyer. Alternatively, you may choose to take the property out of the NRAS scheme.

In either case, the NAHC agreements and relevant property and tenancy laws detail the process that must be followed. Generally, this process includes the following steps:
1. The investor must provide appropriate notice of the sale or intention to exit the scheme to NAHC, the property manager and the tenant. The notice period to NAHAC and Property Management is either six or three months depending on which NRAS agreement you have signed.
Notice periods to tenants is strictly controlled under legislation and NAHC agreements, and NAHC and Property Management must be consulted prior to sale.
2. The transaction must be completed as efficiently as possible.
3. All involved parties must pay their obligated fees and charges.

For more information on buying or selling NRAS, please contact our compliance team at [email protected]