Our Projects and Developments

To facilitate the supply of more affordable housing we have delivered purpose built, mixed use dwellings that are housing singles, couples and families in need, enabled through contemporary commercial business practices and our partnerships with State governments, for purpose organisations and the private sector.


In South East Queensland, we are increasing affordable housing supply through partnerships with State Government, local developers and other private sector partners.

Brookvale Drive, Underwood

Underwood is a busy suburb of the City of Logan, located south of Brisbane with a growing population of over 6,500 people of mixed housing needs. The dwelling includes twenty affordable housing units in a conveniently located brand new mixed-use development. These are being leased as social and affordable housing to Queenslanders who meet the criteria for these housing options. Included are 18 gold standard units and 2 platinum standard units.* NAH is pleased to have partnered with Pacific Enterprises Group for this development in order to provide much needed affordable accommodation in this area.

* Standards are according to the Liveable Housing Design Guidelines. For more information visit: LHA

Junction Drive, Redbank Plains
Coming in 2024

In 2024, developer Pacific Enterprises Group will be commencing construction on a 40-unit block of social housing in Redbank Plains for NAH. The site is next door to a new Community Centre and across the road from a new Woolworths shopping centre including around ten other minor retail shops. In addition, Queensland Rail’s proposed Springfield/Ipswich rail corridor passes right behind the new subdivision which will make an ideal linkage to major centres for future residents.


In Victoria, we operate a mix of properties aimed at the needs of different cohorts under our entities National Affordable Housing Victoria (NAHV) and Home Equity and Rental Services (HERS).

Cheltenham, Cities of Bayside and Kingston

Located in Cheltenham, 18 km south-east of Melbourne's Central Business District, the dwellings in this purpose built building are suited to a wide range of tenancy cohorts including people with disability, survivors of family violence, single women, people requiring support and Aboriginal people.

NAHV uses an ‘open access’ policy when housing people on the Victorian Housing Register (VHR). Together with NAHV’s ‘Matching for Success’ tenancy allocations framework, this open access positions NAHV to improve the life outcomes for people housed.

Sydenham, City of Brimbank

These social housing dwellings have been delivered by Affordable Rentals Victoria (ARV), a joint special purpose charity established by National Affordable Housing (NAH) and Common Equity Housing Limited (CEHL) through funding for 132 dwellings secured from the Victorian State Government.

These affordable townhouses comprise a combination of one and two-bedroom apartments and three-bedroom townhouses include eight townhouses located in the Victorian suburb of Sydenham, 22 km north-west of Melbourne's Central Business District within the city of Brimbank.

Managed by NAH, they are rented to a mix of Register of Interest and Priority Housing applicants.

Mt Waverley, City of Monash
June 2023

Construction started in May 2023 on 96 over-55s apartments at 554-558 High Street Road, Mount Waverley, 16 km south-east of Melbourne's Central Business District with a 2021 recorded population of 35,340. NAH has partnered with Pace Development Group on this project and our aim is to foster a successful, cohesive community with access to the opportunities provided by this highly accessible, well-serviced location. This exciting opportunity provides a dedicated social housing project for seniors, particularly women, aged 55 years or over on the social housing waitlist, to respond to one of greatest and fastest growing need cohorts on the Victoria Housing Register (VHR) experiencing homelessness. The dwellings and location are ideally suited to singles, couples and other households headed by people aged over 55.

The scale of the project will make a substantial contribution to social housing supply, and the Priority Access/Register of Interest mix will support the sustainability of the social housing community, ensure the building is well maintained and optimise outcomes for individuals.

Together with NAHV’s ‘Matching for Success’ tenancy allocations framework, this positions NAHV to improve the life outcomes for the people we house. The apartments will be owned by NAH with funding support from Homes Victoria and the Treasury Corporation of Victoria. The apartments will be managed by the NAH Housing Services Team.

BuyAssist Homeownership Program

NAH Group's shared equity home ownership company BuyAssist has supported over 100 households to buy their own home and is currently actively working to support more households to buy their own home in Victoria, with new homebuyer investment now available.

Recent homebuyers supported by BuyAssist include a young first home owner purchasing a brand-new apartment in Blackburn, families purchasing land and signing building contracts in Clyde North and Deansdale, and single women purchasing their first apartment home in Maribyrnong. These purchases were only possibly with the NAH - BuyAssist homebuyer support, with an average 25% of the property price provided as equity. The households will pay back the support when they sell or have capacity to refinance - enabling NAH and BuyAssist to help another homebuyer in the future.

To find out more about how BuyAssist homebuyer support works visit the BuyAssist website and register your interest.

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