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Disability Housing Futures (PART II) Working Group

NAHC is the sponsor of this working group, in line with our charter to not only deliver affordable housing but to influence a systematic reform.

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) reforms represent a milestone in Australian social policy that will see a substantial improvement in the quality of life for thousands of people with a disability (PWD). Access to suitable, stable and affordable housing is critical to the well-being of people with a disability.

The final report by the Disability Housing Futures (DHF) Working Group Part 1, identified a number of findings and recommendations. The report estimated 35,000 - 55,000 NDIS participants will fall into ‘The Housing Gap’ and their housing needs will remain unmet after the NDIS has been fully rolled out. IN addition, that the number of people with disabilities that are not eligible for NDIS and are in housing stress, is much larger.

The purpose of DHF Working Group Part II, is to look at the long term consequences of not providing housing solutions for the cohort identified in ‘The Housing Gap’ and to identify and develop alternative housing assistance options.

The members of the working group are operating independently and will bring together their experience to look at how arrangements can be modelled.

The final report by the disability Housing Futures (DHF) working group part II will be released by May/June.