Research & Development

Influencing Housing Strategy

Influencing Housing Strategy

National Affordable Housing is committed to improving social and affordable housing outcomes, and has conducted research supporting these outcomes via its many Australian and international partners.

This work includes influencing long-term housing and finance policy with state and federal government; providing and applying a strong evidence base for improvements to policy, funding and delivery; and, creating a suite of viable and effective housing delivery models.

Research and Development includes:

Sponsorship of five PhD stipends and one research fellow in association with Griffith University.

For information on current research and past research, including NAH industry research conducted through our former research entity please email your enquiry to:

Research with universities, government, financiers, developers and community housing groups both in Australia and overseas in a range of topics such as:

  • Housing Demand
  • Affordability
  • Demographic Change
  • Aging in Place
  • Informatic monitoring (utility use, wellbeing, maintenance, dwelling functionality etc.)
  • Longitudinal changing housing supply/demand
  • Zero Carbon Housing
  • Technology in Housing
  • Government Driven Housing Markets
  • Combined Housing, Energy and Transport [ CHET ] methodology for Affordability
  • Build to rent investment drivers (barriers, risks, opportunities, finance innovation, government and organizational policies)
  • Alternative housing delivery models
  • International linkages and innovation leading to affordable housing supply
  • Longitudinal changing housing supply/demand
  • Personal Housing plans and housing career pathways
  • “whole of Life” housing affordability models
  • housing career pathways
  • Variations in location and “Whole of Life” affordability model applications

In 2021, the research conducted was provided to Federation University. For more information on that research please contact Federation University