David & MallerlyIan & FayeJenni

David and Mallerly were welcomed as the tenants of the 2,000th National Affordable Housing-NRAS dwelling. The couple met and married in Columbia where David was working at the time. The couple decided to move back to Australia to raise their two children but were concerned about the high cost of living. Mallerly and David, who works in the community sector, were approved for NRAS and their family is now settled into their bayside suburban home.

Ian has been employed as a groundskeeper for many years and his wife Faye is happily retired. Unfortunately, the bank repossessed the rental house they were living in and the couple was forced to move out immediately. They were quickly referred into the NRAS Scheme and approved for a brand new house in Cosgrove. Upon approval, Ian and Faye discovered that their eldest daughter and her family were building their own home right down the street. The couple is very comfortable in their new home and is looking forward to living so close to their family.

For three years, Jenni lived with her two children in an National Affordable Housing-NRAS house in Townsville. When Jenni decided to move to the Sunshine Coast to be closer to family, she was referred to NAH’s Brisbane office which was able to find her a newly constructed home near her family.

Applicants & Tenants

National Affordable Housing’s commitment to tenants

Steps to apply for an NRAS rental property

Eligibility for renting an NRAS property through National Affordable Housing in Queensland

Queensland state requirements

Australian federal requirements

Maintaining NRAS eligibility

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Australian federal requirements

To be eligible to tenant an NRAS property your income must correspond with the Federal Government’s household income limits for tenant eligibility and the upper household income limits for maintaining eligibility. Please note that these amounts are updated annually by the Federal Government.

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A household’s gross income for the 12 months prior to commencement of tenancy of an NRAS dwelling must be equal to or less than the relevant income limit for the household’s composition. Household income may then increase above the income limit. However, a dwelling ceases to be eligible for an incentive if the tenants’ household income exceeds the applicable household income limit by 25 per cent or more in two consecutive eligibility years.

Each year, household income limits are indexed according to percentage changes of All Groups Component of the Consumer Price Index so that the limits effectively maintain the same target group of tenants over the life of the Scheme.

This list is not an exhaustive list and other household compositions may be eligible to rent NRAS dwellings if their gross household income for the previous 12 months is within the initial income limit as calculated using the formula as set out in the NRAS Regulations – Regulation 19

More information can be obtained by visiting www.dss.gov.au/nras